SupportAssign Different Sliders to Different Pages
Roman asked 7 years ago

Hello, I have recently purchased the unlimited background slider and I am trying to use different sliders on different pages. My website has 3 types of pages: 1 – Blog page, 2 – Generic About Us page and 3 – Front page. The slider works fine when I use it in the generic page, but it doesn’t work properly when I use it in my blog page. Instead of limiting the background slides to my blog page, the slider also appears on my front page. I only tick ‘blog page’ check box when assigning the slider and not Front page.
Could you please advise what I should do to resolve the issue. Thank you.

eDataStyle Staff replied 7 years ago

Hope you’re doing great ! we will fix all issue . please add me skype ( e2getway ) we need to check live site url with wp-admin user name password … please come on skype will fix all issue with in 1 hours.


Roman replied 7 years ago

Ok, I will come online now. Thank you.

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eDataStyle Staff answered 7 years ago

We have fixed all issue and realise new versions , please download or upgrade ..