SupportCategory: Wordpress PluginsChange the order of Buttons (Now Its A-Z)
Joshua asked 7 years ago

Right now i really happy with your  Woocommerce Variations Style Buttons Plug In. 
But i cant find a simple way to change the way of the buttons right now i have to buttons.
Material: / Premium /  / Standart /  –> So it aranged with (A-Z) (1-10)
How can i change this to 
Material:  / Standart /  / Premium / –> because Standart is set by default and that looks realy bad.
Thank you so much for helping.

1 Answers
eDataStyle Staff answered 7 years ago

You can do as woocommerce default ! for more please add me skype ( e2getway )

Joshua replied 7 years ago

Hey Thank you for the answer and sorry for my late replay! I´ll do that.