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Scott asked 7 years ago

Hi I purchased woo commerce variations button nada have registered the license. When I go to the link to select styles all I get is this message
Enabling will make your Variations to display as buttons. you can set each variation(Attibute) to show as a color, text, image button, radio or select type and button.

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eDataStyle Staff answered 7 years ago

it’s default plugins description. do you want to use description hide versions ? please let me know so i can send you email oneĀ  more ..

Scott replied 7 years ago

I don’t Understand what this answer means. The plug-in has been installed, activated, and my email used to register the plug-in. When I hover over or click the woo variations style wink in the sidebar of my admin panel nothing happens. I simply get the message described above. I can see no enabling box to tick anywhere

eDataStyle Staff replied 7 years ago

Hello, did you create woocommerce attributes ? if you don’t create please create attributes on woocommerce then check woo variations style .


eDataStyle Staff replied 7 years ago

For more help please add me skype ( e2getway) . will fix your all issue within 10 mins …