SupportCategory: Wordpress ThemesHamzahShop Pro Theme products not displayed correctly in columns in mobile shop
wouter asked 7 years ago

I’ve got one problem with my shop when viewing it on mobile.
The products are not shown correctly in two columns. Some ‘rows’ display only one product instead of two.
Please see the image below for a visual explanation.
Problem aligned products on Mobile
How can I edit my shop/code to make this right? 

wouter replied 7 years ago

I’ve tested and the 1 column and 3 column view are working fine.
Only the 2 column view seems to have this problem

1 Answers
eDataStyle Staff answered 7 years ago

please send me site url so we can fix asap ! thanks

wouter replied 7 years ago is the website.
I’ve currently edited the mobile view in the Theme Options to one column. With one column the products are displayed correctly.