SupportCategory: Wordpress ThemesHamzahShop Product Category Image Grid don't work
info54 asked 7 years ago

Hi, from HamzaShop widget don’t work only  HamzahShop Product Category Image Grid but is the widget who I need. this widget allows me to insert a product category grid and add a button that goes to the product while the others do not. is possible resolve this problem?

2 Answers
eDataStyle Staff answered 7 years ago


  1. Product Category Image working perfectly , would you check the video ( ) 
  2. sorry there is no button options to arrive the any page but you can Page Builder by SiteOrigin  to create new button ..


eDataStyle Staff answered 7 years ago

Please check The video ( )

info54 replied 7 years ago

thanks I need a button for product grid thing for a new update 😉