SupportCategory: Wordpress ThemesHTML5 errors with Hamzahshop-pro theme
Annie asked 5 years ago

I put in a support question 2 weeks ago regarding significant HTML5 errors and numerous warnings by google regarding the Hamzahshop Pro theme which has not had any update in over 8 months. There have been numerous WordPress and WooCommerce updates in that time. I made the post Private and was first sent a link to the sample shop for Hamzahshop which tells me nothing. Then I was told you would check and issue an update. As of today no update has taken place, and you have ceased responding to my original post. I just need to know, if the theme is going to release an update to keep it compatible and relevant with current versions of WordPress and WooCommerce or not. If you have abandoned updating the theme, that’s fine, just tell me that so we can look at changing to another theme that is not going to harm our visibility.

Annie replied 5 years ago

Well, your silence is deafening. Thank you for letting me know that you simply ignore the questions and issues paying customers have with your products. We will begin our search for a new theme and will avoid products from edatastyle in the future. Thanks for nothing.

Best decision ever was dumping Hamzahshop Pro for a theme that doesn’t have all the errors. All Google warnings and errors are gone and pages have significantly improved visibility.

eDataStyle Staff replied 5 years ago

Sorry, we are currently! no planning to update version.