SupportCategory: Wordpress ThemesI am sorry but I want a refund
jhj377 asked 6 years ago

I am sorry but I want a refund.
I wanted to create an e-commerce site that supports both mobile and PC environments.
However, the theme I purchased from your company is not optimized for the mobile environment.
It is not a complete mobile optimization.
Due to various problems, from the size of the button to the size of the product image in the mobile phone, I can not use it in actual e-commerce.
So I am sorry but ask for a refund. I can’t use this theme.
This is the image of the problem captured on the mobile phone.

1 Answers
eDataStyle Staff answered 6 years ago

thanks for contacting with eDataStyle, there few issue only we can fixed any released new version .. please share me site url .. so we can fix and released new version ..