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arun.solanki asked 4 years ago

The image gallery lightbox feature isn’t working. It opens up but all of a sudden disappears and no image is visible. 

arun.solanki replied 4 years ago

I am still waiting to hear back on this issue, can you please reply asap!

1 Answers
damekszm answered 3 years ago

I do have same problem with Elementor Lightbox and theme Be Page PRO Wersja: 1.9 Autor: eDataStyle, my WordPress Environment Version 5.7.1 . I think theme and Elementor has some conflict with jQuery, i buy this theme yesterday and i\’m hope eDataStyle do fixes fast. Please developer for answer about my problem.
Best regards,
Damian Michalak-Szmaciński

damekszm replied 3 years ago

I have some solution for this, if I disable the Elementor Plugin lightbox and install Simple Lightbox, it works fine with this theme. This is only a temporary fix, the theme requires a bug fix. Greetings!