SupportCategory: Wordpress PluginsName productcategory not in eds-arrows-back
fvrooij asked 7 years ago

We have installed the plugin and it works great.
But we have one question.  When we have Woocommerce productcategory as menuitems then when we have selected a menu with submenuitems the toplevel menu is not shown there where xxxxx is standing.
<li class=”back-pre-nav”><i class=”eds-arrows-back”></i><a href=””>xxxxxxxxxxx</a></li&gt;
We do not have this problem when the menu is page in WordPress.
See also  and select  collectie => Hoofdkussens  then you don’t see Hoofdkussens 
standing with the arrow back.
Frank van Rooij

1 Answers
eDataStyle Staff answered 7 years ago

we have released a new versions . please upgrade … hope will be fix everything …