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facturas asked 6 years ago

I have acquired your plugin of slider logo, I have only used it once in a site and today I wanted to use it and there are many errors, I think it is because they do not update it.
And I urgently need to use this plugyn.
I attached screenshot of the errors that there are


2 Answers
eDataStyle Staff answered 6 years ago

Version 2.0 released , please re-download and upload to your server .. everything will be fixed ! no worries you will not lost any data if you deleted old one then install new


facturas replied 6 years ago

The problem is not resolved yet I still have the same error

facturas answered 6 years ago

friend when they are going to solve my problem with the slider logo pro, I already send you captures of the errors

eDataStyle Staff replied 6 years ago

Please send me ftp account with wp-admin user name and password with site url to our email ( e2getway at ) so we can check everything what’s happen