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viruslox asked 6 years ago

Dear “eDataStyle” support engineer,
I’m using NewsMagbd PRO in “” that basically is a very old, bad updated and poor content ( 😀 ) blog/website.
Based on website content characteristics, i need:

  1. disable post-thumbnails in both “carousel ” and “You May Also Like”
  2. reduce carousel height

Are those options available?
Many thanks

2 Answers
viruslox answered 6 years ago

Well,  I disabled \”You May Also Like\” by theme options and disabled the carousel editing index.php, line 17 commenting the widget loader. <?php /* the_widget( \’NewsMagbd_Slider_Widget\’ ); */?> It\’s pity, but better disable what cannot (easily) be personalized. Cheers Lorenzo

eDataStyle Staff answered 6 years ago

Sorry we don’t support any custom requirement. if you found any bug as our demo then we will fixed the version and release the new version ..