SupportCategory: QuestionsProblem with Woocommerce product gallery?
pay2wood asked 6 years ago

Please look at this link: I have few queries: 

  1. Please click the gallery images and the image showing the uploaded path. I would like to see all images one by one.
  2. Please look at the Header top bar items are not in uniform.(Here is my child theme:
  3. The cross-sell products are not showing on the checkout page.  (Please check one product in website and the link is not showing)

Please help me. Thank you.

2 Answers
eDataStyle Staff answered 6 years ago

please send me wp-admin user name and password to our email ( ) so we can check rest and fix the issue ..
and issue number 2 header is okay but problem problem your notices bar . it’s not included with support

pay2wood answered 6 years ago

Hi, recently you solved this issue. 

problem with the header,main & sub menu, page header, mega menu, footer colour and etc?

I sent the wordpress admin details. please have a look.
Maid address:
Thank you.