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rtutis asked 6 years ago

Hey. There were difficulties with the paid plugin Wot Multi Layout. In the table template in categories displays a complete list of products, instead of subcategories. How to make a table template work in subcategories? In the categories display sub-categories in the basic form of Woocommerce, not all products of the category?

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eDataStyle Staff answered 6 years ago

You can use one layout for default category and sub-category but Woo multi layout have freedom use create new shortcode for each category and use inside an page …

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rtutis answered 6 years ago

How to be then in this case? When adding shortcode in the description of the subcategories that are not replaced by the base template. It just shifts downwards. And if the goods are more than the permitted number on the page by going to the second sheet of the shortcode is terminated. In the documentation attached to the plugin purchased from you, nothing is said about this.

eDataStyle Staff replied 6 years ago

you can try !

rtutis replied 6 years ago


rtutis replied 6 years ago

How to remove the basic template?

rtutis answered 6 years ago

Hey. My problem hasn’t been solved. Help me. Insert the shortcode of the created template in the category Description field. As a result, the created table template is shown first, after the basic Woocommerce template. What am I doing wrong with removing the basic woocommerce template?