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ramunas.pp asked 7 years ago

Hello. I have bougt your theme “Hamzahshop Pro”. I have some issues.

  1. How can I set products gategory pages display 12 products per page (4×4). at this moment there is displaying only 9 products.
  2. Product search is not working properly: If choosing category and adding some keyword/name, search results displays all results, but not from selected category.
  3. How do I need to change slides from “Slider Revolution” on Home page and Shop page.

Thank you.

1 Answers
eDataStyle Staff answered 7 years ago

please check bellow ….
1 . Please use this plugins ( )
2 . please check care fully . it’s working greate
3 . You can change any slider we have a widgets position . so we can add .