SupportProfile image photo "stretched" ??
Paolo asked 1 month ago

hi, I’ve setup a profile image photo 512×512 to be displayed in the top left circle in the sidebar
The preview is ok but… then when displaying the website ( it appears “stretched”… dont know hot to explain (please have a look yourself at the website)
how can I fix it ?
thank you

Paolo replied 1 month ago

to better specify, it seems happening only (or mainly) wiith Chrome

Paolo replied 1 month ago

and again, also with mobile phones the same issue…. either iOS and Android….. so it seems only working well with Mozilla Firefox….. please advise

1 Answers
renaud.lucien answered 4 days ago

I have the same problem :/ (quite disappointed about that for a paid theme…)¬†At least thanks to your info I know it works on firefox. Thanks¬† !