SupportCategory: Wordpress ThemesProject Filteration not working properly
arun.solanki asked 5 years ago

I was creating a project section on my client’s website and found that the filtration is not working correctly and even the transition effect is not so smooth but when i went to see the live demo of Be Page Pro theme, i found the same issue there as well. Can you please have a look at the demo project filtration? If you click the ‘print’ category, the first of the project shown is ‘PROJECT J2ME’ which doesn’t belong to the print category at all.
Please fix and share the required update.  

eDataStyle Staff replied 5 years ago

please show me live demo url so we can check more !

2 Answers
arun.solanki answered 5 years ago

Sure, here is the link :
(please check the portfolio section on the site)
But filtration isn’t working fine on live demo as well

arun.solanki answered 5 years ago

Just Checked, the filtration on single project page also doesn’t work properly. 
Check this :
(Should show only similar category projects.)
Please fix!