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ram asked 7 years ago

Boss, Whatever revised version you have sent to me was not working with issues I came up with like -Hamsah Woo commerce items in the page builder not showing up. Finally given up with writing to you. But there are issues cropping up which now I am pissed off, cannot do it from my end. . Moreover the woo commerce page setup in theme options is not at all responding. Finally woo commerce widgets stacker is not showing up with my selection of widgets in the respective page(s).
Looking forward to hear from you.

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eDataStyle Staff answered 7 years ago

Please share me wp-admin user name and password  and site url to our email ( e2getway at ) so we can check rest..


ram replied 7 years ago

Thanks for reply..

Shall I send you the backend details here itself?

eDataStyle Staff replied 7 years ago

please use ( e2getway at )

ram replied 7 years ago

Yeah.. sure

ram replied 7 years ago

I have sent you an email from this id – please check it out